Nikolaos Tsampieris

Senior Manager ERTICO ITS Europe

Dr. Nikolaos Tsampieris is Senior Manager Innovation and Development at ERTICO ITS Europe. He has extensive expertise in Communication Systems & Technologies, having assumed Senior Research and Management positions in Academia and Telecommunications & Defence Industry.

As ERTICO’s expert in 5G and Digitalisation, he oversees respective Technologies and Research activities and participates in the coordination and execution of several EU innovation actions and proposals development in 5G for Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility and Transport & Logistics.

He represents ERTICO in 5G-PPP, AIOTI, and ETSI’s InDiCo Stakeholder Group. ERTICO – ITS Europe is a public-private membership-driven organization promoting – and actively working on – the deployment of intelligent transport systems (ITS) in Europe through a variety of activities, such as interest groups, innovation platforms, events and projects to save lives, protect the environment and sustain mobility most cost-effectively. Now, with over 100 stakeholders, ERTICO connects public authorities, industry players, infrastructure operators, users, national ITS associations, and other organizations and works to bring “Intelligence into Mobility”.