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Rob Gallagher

Research Director, Consumer & Entertainment Services


Rob Gallagher directs Ovum’s global research and consulting about consumer telecoms, media, and technology (TMT). He leads an international team of five research practices: Broadband & Multiplay; Communications & Social; Consumer Technology; Media & Entertainment; and Smart Living. As a member of Ovum’s research management team, Rob is also responsible for helping define and deliver on the company’s over-arching research agenda, product strategy, and long-term vision.
Rob’s team specializes in providing senior executives at the world’s most successful companies with consumer insights, market data, forecasts, and strategic advice about the largest, fastest-growing, and most innovative segments in consumer TMT. He is personally responsible for authoring Ovum’s flagship research about consumer TMT and leading major consulting engagements. Recent projects includes forecasting the total addressable market for a leading Internet platform, assessing the long-term impact of GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple) on consumer TMT for a tier-1 operator, and examining opportunities at the intersection of 5G and entertainment for major technology vendor.

Interesting fact:

Rob began his career in 2000 as a journalist reporting on the then-nascent markets for internet access and e-commerce.