Sander Rotmensen

Director of Industrial Wireless Communication Siemens AG

Sander Rotmensen is Director of Industrial Wireless Communication at Siemens AG in Nuremberg, Germany. His responsibility covers the product portfolio for industrial 5G, industrial wireless LAN, industrial routers, and the SINEMA Remote Connect management platform for remote access.

Sander started his career in Siemens Nederland N.V. in 2005. He worked as a technical consultant for industrial automation networks with a focus on Wireless LAN. In 2008 he moved to Germany and joined Siemens AG in Nuremberg, where Sander became a technical consultant focusing on industrial wireless communication.

After that, he worked as a product manager for SCALANCE W, Siemens’ industrial wireless LAN portfolio. From 2014 to 2018, Sander joined Siemens Canada Ltd. His responsibility included marketing and product management for the RUGGEDCOM network components used in harsh industrial environments like electric power and transportation networks.