Silke Holtmanns

Telecommunication Security Expert PwC Finland

Silke has over 22 years of telecommunication security experience. She worked for Ericsson, Nokia, AdaptiveMobile Security, and ENEA and is now with the PwC Finland 5G Security Team. In her current position at PwC, she assists governments, vendors, hyper scalers, vertical industries, and operators in securing 5G.

Ms. Holtmanns holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and is a Certified Information System and Cloud Security Professional (CISSP and CCSP). The technology has evolved, and Silke is evolving with it from mobile payments, WAP, 3GPP, GSMA, LTE & 5G, remote provisioning, core network, SMS, interconnection, threat analysis, to cloud & virtualization, OpenRAN, HSM, security compliance, and recently satellite security. She has discovered new attacks, e.g., for slicing attacks and location, and presented them at Blackhat and Defcon.

Ms. Holtmann is an EU ENISA Advisory Group member and has worked in the GSMA Panel of Experts.