Soma Velayutham

AI & 5G Industry General Manager NVIDIA

Soma is the General Manager, AI and 5G at NVIDIA. He evangelizes AI adoption into telecoms and 5G wireless communications. Additionally, Soma is a successful serial Intrapreneur and product leader with more than 20 years of experience in the software and high-tech industry. He has incubated and launched multiple software products globally for large corporations. Soma is also a mentor to early-stage start-ups and Stanford incubation program (iFarm).

Soma is an original thinker with full product-lifecycle experience from product strategy to R&D. He has worked with customers across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Combined with travel experience to more than 40 countries and speaking four languages gives Soma a truly global perspective.

He is swift in deciphering complex technologies, and customer business needs to set a compelling product vision. Soma can rally internal and external stakeholders towards the product strategy and passionately drive roadmaps through collaborative engagements. He has spearheaded and launched multiple successful products globally, including a few that have received 5 global industry awards. He also owns 11 patents.