Viesturs Zeps

CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Freeport of Riga Authority

Viesturs holds a master’s degree in European Studies awarded by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Latvia. Currently he undertakes doctoral studies in Business Management at BA School of Business and Finance and gives lectures on Innovative Financing and Innovation Management at Riga Technical University, BA School of Business and Finance, and Ventspils University College.

Viesturs is a former manager of the EU initiative (investment fund) InnoEnergy in Latvia. He has developed and managed a number of projects related to the implementation of innovation, attraction of venture capital investment, commercialisation and adaptation of technological developments for the market, and creation of new tech startups.

Additionally Viesturs has been a manager at several electronics and IT companies and has worked for the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), taking part in the development of the national innovation system. He is on the Board of the Freeport of Riga since 2019.

Interesting fact

Viesturs is the CEO and co-founder of the R&D Lab, a business consultancy, research and prototyping company.