Volker Wittpahl

Director Institute for Innovation and Technology

Prof. Dr. Volker Wittpahl has studied Electrical Engineering in Germany and Singapore. Afterward, he gained industrial work experience within the Philips Corporate Group in the area of Technology Marketing as well as Innovation Management.

By an internal move to Philips Design in Eindhoven (NL), he became one of the responsible persons within the corporate-owned interdisciplinary Think Tank. By monitoring the trends of technology, markets, and social-cultural changes, he created concepts for new products, new services, and new business areas for internal and external clients from the industry.

From 2003 till 2015, Volker Wittpahl worked as a freelancing Innovation Manager and worked amongst others close with the Vodafone R&D in Munich. He also consulted ABB and Deutsche Telekom in the field of Smart Grid.

Since 2014, Volker Wittpahl has been working as a professor at the Klaipėda University (LT). Since January 2016, Prof. Dr. Wittpahl has been Director of the Institute for Innovation and Technology in Berlin, Germany.

He is editor of the Institute’s thematic volumes regarding Digitalization or Artificial Intelligence. The current issue has a foreword by Frans Timmermans and is called “Climate Politics & Green Deal | Technology & Digitalization | Society & Economy”.