Welcome to the agenda of
5G Techritory 2020

1st Year of 5G: The Chip Designers View

For the first time the chip designers will give their update on the 1st year of 5G deployment. The discussion will focus on the regional uptake, the devices, and how fast we should expect to see cheaper prices.

1st Year of 5G: The Vendors View

For the first time the telecom vendors will give their view on the 1st year of 5G. The discussion will focus on regional deployments, and the factors why some regions are faster than others.

1st Year of 5G: The Operators View

The biggest mobile operators will give their view on the 1st year of 5G deployment in the regions where they provide connectivity.

E2E Service Delivery

Can we deliver End to End services in 5G? In this session the standardization bodies will discuss the level of status of service delivery across network domains and industries.

How to Fund 5G?

5G is expensive to deploy and for this reason the speed of the particular process is different around the world. This discussion will focus on different national and operator strategies, and funding methods that can be used to accelerate deployment.

5G Business Models

Everything is changing! When it come to asset ownership in mobile networks a fast transition to new business models can be seen. In this panel session we will discuss the new models and what it means for network evolution and strategy.

5G National Spectrum Strategies

Different countries have different spectrum strategies when it comes to the 5G industry and that highly affects its development. This discussion will focus on various strategies around the globe and how different countries are enabling faster deployment and engagement of the vertical sectors.

On the Road to 6G

Every 10 years comes a new G. Some of the best researchers in the world will discuss the latest thinking on 6G and why we will need it in 10 years time.

AI and 5G

AI and 5G are inherently tied at the hip. This talk will focus on the link between the two and how that's is enabling new capabilities.

5G National Strategies to Boost Verticals

5G for vertical sectors is noted as one of the hottest ways to enable digitalisation. In this panel session we will discuss different national strategies and what is working (or not).


OpenRAN is seen by many as the best way to reduce costs and vendor lock-in. In this panel session we will discuss the status of OpenRAN, it's importance as an accelerator for innovative technology and investments in R&D.

5G: How To Ensure European Leadership

Europe is left behind in 5G deployments despite all the funding from the EU. In this talk we will hear the reasons why and what can be done to change the situation.

5G Laptops and Wearables

5G is not only about handsets. Laptops and wearables are expected to play a major role as the technology becomes more accessible. In this talk we will discuss the status of various 5G devices.

Health Data Infrastructure

The ownership and integrity of health data are of very high importance. This talk will focus on the situation and plans for securing and safeguarding this critical information.

5G Fighting the Pandemic

5G has appeared as a key tool in fighting the COVID-19 crisis. This talk will unwrap some of the successful use cases.

What are the mega trends influencing 5G?

Technology is undoubtedly touching all aspects of our lives and bringing change into everything we know. In this panel session we will discuss the biggest trends influencing 5G and how they are affecting technology, connectivity and beyond.

5G Strategies in Europe

This session will look at 5G dynamics around Europe including both EU and non-EU countries.

5G Status

An update on the global status of 5G.

5G for Defense

How can 5G be adjusted to military needs? What are the uses and applications of it for the particular field? This session is going to find answers to these and other related questions.

5G Unicorns

Is 5G a Unicorn? This talk will provide a valuable reality check on the hype around 5G.

5G Investments

What is the status of 5G investments and where are they headed? This talk will provide a reality check on both.

5G Transforming the Future

In this session we will look at ways that can lead to success in the 5G industry.

5G & Satellite

5G and satellite are coming together in various ways and that's creating exciting opportunities. This talk will cover the latest information on the topic.

Urban 5G: New Business Models

Network densification in cities is an expensive exercise. In this talk we will hear about how this challenge can be dealt with.

Smart Home

Homes must get smarter for security and safety reasons, and overall for the ease of life. This session will inform us about new trends in home connectivity and home IoT.

The Value of High Quality Video

This talk will explore how media and telecommunications infrastructure companies jointly deploy the best products for large scale of consumers.

5G for eHealth

5G can enable amazing new technologies which save lives. In this talk we will explore how this domain can be a real success.

5G Rail – The Reality

Rail is a great use case for 5G. However, there are many obstacles that need to be resolved in order for 5G cross-border enabled rail to become a reality.

Digital Logistics

Digital logistics are one of the big promises of 5G with great efficiencies and benefits. In this session we will discuss the various use cases from forests to ports and ships.

Who owns the liability in large mobility projects?

We all are dreaming of 5G applications in mobility but perhaps we're missing the elephant in the room. Everyone wants the revenue but who owns the liability if something goes wrong? The operator, the vendor, the insurance company? In this session we will seek and hopefully find out answers to these and other related questions.

Digital Sea

The prospects for a digital sea are amazing. Ports, ships, and explorers are having big dreams of opportunities enabled by 5G. Is this a feasible vision and what change can it bring – these are some of the topics we're going to discuss in this session.

5G Drones: The Status and Reality

What is the nearest future for drones in our daily lives? Where drone-filled dreams end and a soon-to-be reality begins?

Smart Forest

Who knew that trees can become digital? In this talk we will hear about the digitalisation of this valuable sector.

5G for Industry: Present and Future

There is a lot of buzz and hype around 5G for industrial applications. In this talk we will explore the reality, status and future for the particular topic.

Empowering Vertical Industries through 5G Networks

5G use for vertical sectors is one of the hottest topics with much excitement around it. This talk is going to deliver the latest information that's related to empowering vertical industries through 5G networks.

NPN: A Private Network

One of the hottest arguments of the industry revolves around private networks. In this session we will discuss different points of view and latest developments in this exciting area.

5G: Slicing for the Industry

5G slicing is a complex topic which is not for the faint-hearted. We'll have the opportunity to hear the latest on technology and use cases within the industry.

5G vs WiFi

5G vs Wifi is quite a hot topic for debating. In this panel discussion we will address the reality and burning questions revolving around the topic.

High-risk AI

AI is slowly taking over many aspects of our lives. Is it safe? What are the boundaries and how are governments planning to act regarding them? The panel discussion will address the questions that have been whirling around the AI for some time now.