Metacity Riga – Europe’s leading 

Metaverse ecosystem

5G Techritory has always been about 5G, AI, cloud services, and edge computing. But what will come when it all be there? The answer is – it all will be merged in a space called Metaverse. The metaverse will emerge as an evolution and convergence of today’s technologies.

And we, 5G Techritory team, are very delighted to introduce You our new Metacity Riga concept. 

While many people still associate the term “metaverse” with a colorful virtual world for entertainment and shopping, the industrial metaverse has the potential to revolutionize the real world in ways that few technologies can.

The industrial metaverse will help develop sustainable products, as well as more efficient and sustainable factories, buildings, cities and countries. By merging digital twins with their real-world counterparts, companies will optimize processes in a continuous feedback loop. This convergence of digital and real worlds will change the way we work and collaborate, enabling real-time interaction with other people and machines, just like in the real world.

Metacity Riga is our new track. An ecosystem where innovation will be backed with policy and regulations.  An environment with extensive data base to be used by government, enterprises and users to co-create, interact and merge the layers of innovation and development with policy and regulations to develop real-life use cases. A unique testbed for solutions to be tried, deployed, uptaken and transferred further to our partnership countries.  

This year at 5G Techritory we will launch our Metacity Riga project. We are very honored to host the ITU Metaverse standardization working group and together with industry we will co-create, set the roadmap of the ecosystem development and initiate our successful collaboration because only with interoperable and strong  ecosystems  we can build a real, value-adding, life improving metaverse which will change the way we live.

In addition to roundtable debates, panel discussions and co-creation events, an international hackathon will take place 2 days prior the main event from 16th – 17th October. Together with International Telecommunication Union and strong support from TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) we will bring together more than 20 teams from which the best solution in the field of health, education, defence and urban environment will be evaluated and deployed in Metacity Riga. Startup Wise Guys will take care of the winning teams and will provide 2 month non-equity Pre-Revenue program to further assist the winners and help to bring the product to the market. 

We are very honored and happy to receive such a strong support from our partners of this year: ITU, TNO, Stanford University, Electronic Communication Office of Latvia, Investment and Development agency of Latvia, Startup Wise Guys, Microsoft, LMT, and many more. 


Members of our esteemed and highly respected jury commission for health industry:

Dr. Walter Greenleaf

Stanford University

Dr. Cristoph Leuze

Stanford University 


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