5G Techritory held for the 6th time – and resists the 6G hype

September 13, 2023

5G Techritory, the annual 5G forum for industry participants, decision-makers, and executives, will be held for the 6th time on October 18-19, 2023, in person and online. While many in the 5G and telecoms space have shifted their focus to 6G – the forum insists on maintaining its 5G focus, with this year’s theme named “5G in Action”. 

The forum will bring together 120+ speakers and will be streamed to over 2,000 registered participants globally. Over 600 leaders in telecoms, government, policymaking, ecosystem development, and more, will congregate in person in Riga, Latvia, to participate as on-stage speakers as well as to contribute to a series of co-creation events. 

While shifting a focus to the more buzz-worthy “6G” topic is tempting, Neils Kalnins, Director of 5G Techritory, emphasizes that there is still a lot of work to be done with 5G in order to successfully build the next generation of telecommunications on top of that:

Resisting the 6G hype is key to 5G growth. Yes, it’s important for academics, scientists, and strategists to begin research into the next generation of telecommunications, and our event holds space for that. However, as an industry, we can’t get carried away. It’s imperative for us to resist the temptation to jump into the next hot topic, as there is still a lot of homework we need to do with 5G in order for emerging technologies to grow into their full potential. We need to see 5G in action first, and that is what this year’s focus will be on.

In addition to the on-stage program, the event is supplemented by co-creation events that will be attended by over 600 industry leaders. Those include:

  • An event co-hosted with the UK Department of Science, Innovation, and Technology, on the decentralization of telecommunications and cross-border collaboration
  • An event with ITU (International Telecommunication Union) placing a focus on Metaverse-related topics
  • Followups on various memorandums previously signed at 5G Techritory in the hydrogen, semiconductors, and metaverse spaces
  • A roundtable on the telecoms industry’s role in rebuilding Ukraine’s ICT infrastructure, and more.  

The event is powered by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), who will be hosting an investment roundtable to discuss the opportunity to drive actionable development in Latvia through making use of the emerging technologies discussed at 5G Techritory.

Technologies are easily scalable, for that reason, often new solutions are created when solving local problems. Our mission within the scope of this conference is to create new teams that work on emerging technologies. That stimulates project development such as Riga Matecity, the microchip cluster, or Hydrogen Valley. These are the areas where we have the scientific capacity and potential to attract meaningful investment. – Laura Štrovalde, Deputy Director of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

The event will take place in Riga, Latvia, as it has for the past 6 years. Online attendees are able to register and follow along with the event on its webpage.