European Commission pushes for action on 5G

September 23, 2020

  • The European Commission (EC) acts and presses collaboration among the member countries in order to hasten 5G deployments within the European Union by issuing recommendations’ document and setting deadlines for related activities.
  • In a document outlining further recommendations for developing 5G services across the economic bloc, the EC calls on European Union countries to work towards a common approach to address the obstacles currently holding up deployments.
  • These actions taken by the EC are yet the boldest steps for getting the EC’s 5G action plan back to work.


The recommendations from the European Commission related to distributing 5G in the EU address reducing 5G deployment costs, removing redundant administrative barriers, supporting cross-border services in the industrial and transport sectors. Moreover, the EC states that it’s essential to minimise any possible delays with granting access to the radio spectrum, as well as ensuring that the granted access is timely and investment-friendly. 

GSMA head of public policy in Europe Laszlo Toth addressed the EC’s recommendations as a bold step towards the necessary actions within the EU regarding 5G deployments: “…They targeted the tightest bottlenecks: best practices for spectrum auctions and faster site permits”. 

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