Research uncovers the state of 5G development in Northern Europe

October 25, 2019


The Nordic and Baltic region have demonstrated high political ambition when it comes to implementing 5G technology. As it’s stated in the recent Letter of Intent, signed by the Prime Ministers of the Nordic countries, the region is aiming to become ”the first and most integrated 5G region in the world”.

5G technology is estimated to provide huge business opportunities, and testbeds – controlled environments for conducting experiments and developing new 5G solutions – serve an important role in harnessing these opportunities. According to a recent report, carried out by the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic and Baltic countries have been especially active in setting up testbeds and testing the new technology.

The report outlines a number of 5G testbeds and projects developed in the region, as well as gives an overall insight into the Nordic-Baltic 5G ecosystem, it’s opportunities, and risks. Here are the key findings from the report:‍

  • The leaders in 5G testing are Sweden and Finland.
  • Most explored industries are transport and manufacturing.‍
  • The 5G pioneer in the Baltics is Latvia.
  • The raising trend – drone control (lead by Latvian startups).
  • The biggest problem of the region – lack of transnational collaboration.

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