Álvaro Neira

Partner Axon

Mr. Álvaro Neira is Partner at Axon, an international firm founded in 2006 that provides investment and advisory services to a broad client base in the technology and innovation space in more than 70 countries worldwide. Mr. Álvaro Neira is the Head of Axon’s Cybersecurity practice. Axon’s work in this field includes strategy, policy & regulation, and research at the business and governmental levels. The company works closely with national representatives to help them understand their cybersecurity needs and to define actionable recommendations aimed at improving their cybersecurity ecosystems.

Mr. Neira regularly works with National Cybersecurity Agencies, policymakers, and corporates across the globe on strategic cybersecurity projects, from the assessment of national ICT infrastructure to the design of cybersecurity strategies to the creation of regulatory policies.