Andreas Kunz

Senior Researcher Lenovo

Dr. Andreas Kunz received his diploma degree and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Siegen, Germany in 2005. Afterward, he joined NEC Laboratories Europe focusing on 3GPP standardization, mainly in the system architecture working group SA2. From the beginning, Andreas was a permanent member of the NEC 3GPP SA2 delegation and was involved in various topics from the IP Multimedia Subsystem over Machine Type Communication to the current 5G core network as well as selected security aspects.

Besides 3GPP Andreas was also participating in other standardization bodies like GSMA or ETSI. In 2017, he joined Lenovo Germany as a member of the research and technology team, representing Lenovo/Motorola Mobility in the 3GPP security group SA3.

Interesting fact:

Dr. Andreas Kunz has co-authored the book called “End-to-End Mobile Communications Evolution to 5G”.