Andy Billington

Innovation and Sustainability Rail Baltica, RB Rail AS, Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania

Andy Billington is the Innovation and Sustainability specialist at RB Rail AS, the joint venture for the implementation and coordination of the Rail Baltica development. This greenfield project will connect Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to the wider European rail and transport networks and forms a unique opportunity to deliver a world-class sustainable and digital railway, along with infrastructure synergies and wider economic and environmental benefits for the region.

Prior to joining the project, Andy was directly involved in rolling stock and infrastructure digitalisation / analytics projects at Transport for London, and has worked in enterprise and mission-critical IT and telecoms projects both in the UK and worldwide, as well as working with large financial services organisations and investors. Seeing similar systems and equivalent requirements across a range of different organisations has created a strong drive to transfer lessons learned and to make the most of synergies across sectors, to use open standards and to adapt commercial off-the-shelf solutions to increase flexibility, reduce costs and long-term risks, and to enable innovative and sustainable solutions.