Darius Stravinskas

Ministry of Transport and Communications, Lithuania

After joining the ministry, Darius has initiated and led the task force which has successfully prepared national 5G strategy of Lithuania to be approved by the government and to be implemented over the coming next years. During the stay in the ministry, Darius is leading transposition of EECC to the national law and ensuring that the best legislation for the deployment of 5G infrastructure should be adopted. By promoting national eSIM regulation for mobile services provision, Darius believes that eSIM is the key component which will accelerate the usage of IoT devices, thus increasing the use cases and faster adoption of 5G technology.

Before joining the ministry, Darius has gained more than 14 years of experience in ICT project management of technology development and deployment. He has successfully accomplished dual fuel smart metering CBA for Lithuania and prepared national deployment plan based on data collection over NB-IoT mobile services.

Darius holds a Master degree of Business Management, Bachelor of Telecommunication Technology and also Bachelor of Mobile Communications gained in Ireland.