Dimitrios Lalos

CEO Marquee Wireless

Dimitrios is a wireless visionary and entrepreneur known for his leadership in conceiving, designing, and deploying the first-ever Digital Mobile network in the USA. He also pioneered the idea and designed the first-ever Mobile live TV solution currently on board 9,000 aircraft worldwide. In addition, Dimitrios was the pioneer of smart, active antenna solutions in Y2000.

In 2012, he secured a contract from Boston’s MBTA with inMOTION Wireless to build a 400-mile private wireless network, providing financing for the company he eventually sold to Broadcast Australia in 2016. Following inMOTION’s private LTE network sale, Dimitrios founded MARQUEE Wireless, a smart platform that enables Cellular Operators to deploy 4G/4.5G/5G infrastructure quickly. MARQUEE offers advanced, modular techniques to provide aesthetically pleasing, customized 5G and LTE solutions