Dimitrios Lalos

CEO Marquee Wireless Inc.

Dimitrios Lalos is the founder of Marquee Wireless. He has also founded inMOTION Wireless Inc. where he served as its President and CEO until inMOTION was purchased by BAI Communications in 2017. inMOTION secured an exclusive contract from Boston’s MBTA to provide Wi-Fi services throughout 12 operating routes covering 400 miles of track.

Mr. Lalos has also pioneered and led cutting edge cellular communications and technology systems like AIRFONE, IN-FLIGHT PHONE, and satellite broadcast systems like SkyRADIO and LiveTV (live TV broadcasts to aircraft currently on most major airlines). He has successfully tenured at GTE, MCI, Nextwave Telecom, Marconi and Celletra.

Over the past 30 years Dimitrios has proven to be a cutting-edge innovator leading to the introduction of visionary systems and applications.

Interesting fact

He holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois and has authored multiple wireless patents.