Hermann Ludwig Moeller

Director European Space Policy Institute

Hermann Ludwig Moeller joined the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) in Vienna in September 2022. As its new Director, he leads the European Think Tank on Space, responsible for developing approaches to European Space Policy and providing recommendations to European decision-makers and institutions.

Before joining ESPI, he held leading positions at ESA in creating EU Copernicus and preparing the EU Secure Connectivity initiative as Head of the Telecommunications Strategy, Programme, and Transformation Office and Head of the Copernicus Space Segment Office. In these functions, Mr. Moeller has been operating with high-level leadership in a complex multi-stakeholder policy environment in public-private partnerships with industry, at the EU level, with EUMETSAT, and with national space agencies and delegations.

Before that, he held the ESA Douglas Marsh Fellow at NASA and contributed to creating the European Internet backbone. He acquired early professional experience at the European Patent Office and with Siemens.

Mr. Moeller holds a master’s degree in telecommunications, following studies at Technical University Darmstadt and Ecole Supérieure de Télécommunications – Télécom Paris.