James Macaulay

Senior Director of Digitization Office Cisco

James Macaulay is Senior Director, Customer Transformation at Cisco. He’s also Senior Research Fellow at the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco initiative.

With more than two decades of high-tech experience and an extensive body of publications, James has been a pioneer in defining digital market transitions and their implications for organizations. A professional researcher, consultant, and transformation practitioner, he regularly works with companies around the world to design their digital-change roadmaps.

Prior to Cisco, James spent seven years as an entrepreneur, running a consulting startup focused on high-tech market research and strategy. He has managed technology research portfolios in both the private and public sectors, having served as an analyst with Gartner in Silicon Valley and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Brussels.

Interesting fact

James is co-author of the book ”Orchestrating Transformation: How to Deliver Winning Performance with a Connected Approach to Change”, as well as 2016’s award-winning ”Digital Vortex: How Today’s Market Leaders Can Beat Disruptive Competitors at Their Own Game”.