Kennet Nomeland

Radio System Architect Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency

Kennet Nomeland is a Radio System Architect in the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency – CIS Division. His department is responsible for the management and development of tactical and strategic radio systems, satellite, fiber, and network infrastructure.

Kennet has extensive experience in the telecom industry. He was working in Telia when the world’s first 4G network was launched in December 2009. Now he is coordinating 5G military use for the Norwegian Defence.

Since 2018 the Norwegian Defence has been involved in the EU-funded pilot project, 5G-VINNI, headed by Telenor Research. In the 5G-VINNI project, 5G is adapted to the military using network slicing. 5G infrastructure, including a base station (gnodeB) and a MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing), is established inside a military base.

In September 2020, the Norwegian Defence joined a second EU-funded 5G pilot project, FUDGE 5G, with Telenor Research. In FUDGE 5G, the Norwegian Defence will explore the use of private 5G networks.