Knud Erik Skouby

Professor Aalborg University, Denmark

Knud Erik Skouby is a professor and founding director of the center for Communication, Media and Information (CMI) technologies at the Aalborg University in Copenhagen. The center provides a focal point for multi-disciplinary research and training in applications of CMI.

Skouby has a career as a university teacher and within consultancy since 1972; focus on ICT since 1987. Working areas include techno-economic analyses, development of mobile/ wireless applications, and services like regulation of telecommunications.

He’s been a project manager and partner in a number of international, European and Danish research projects. He’s also served on a number of public committees within telecom, IT and broadcasting.

Interesting fact

Editor in chief of Nordic and Baltic Journal of Information and Communication Technologies (NBICT). Chair of WGA in Wireless World Research Forum. Past dep. chair IEEE Denmark. Member of the Academic Council of the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, AAU.