Mark Smith

Strategic Marketing Consultant Telecoms, Media & Entertainment, UK

Mark has been at the forefront of the mobile communications revolution since the early 1990s, playing an integral role in the foundation of the GSMA and the development of the Mobile World Congress, and other events over more than two decades. 

As Communications and Marketing Director at the GSMA, he led communications globally to support the roll-out of digital mobile networks across the world, and the ongoing evolution from 2G to 5G. 

Over the last decade, with a vision for the future of mobile as the primary screen for entertainment, he created a series of cross-industry engagement platforms, bringing together thousands of global entertainment, creative agency and consumer brand marketers at MWC to secure content partnerships and develop innovative projects with the world’s biggest mobile networks. 

He currently runs his own independent marketing consultancy MSA Ltd, focused on the intersection of media, entertainment, telecoms, and technology.

Interesting fact

Prior to the joining GSMA, Mark worked in the music, publishing and PR industries.