Paul Ceely

Director of Technology Strategy Digital Catapult

Paul Ceely is responsible for the medium to long-term technology strategy for Digital Catapult, looking at the future digital technology landscape and identifying priority areas to focus on. He has played a fundamental role in setting up SONIC Labs, a DCMS-funded facility and collaborative program for testing the interoperability and integration of open, disaggregated, and software-centric network solutions and multi-vendor architectures.

Paul has over 20 years of experience in technology and network strategy, covering strategy and solutions for mobile, internet, security, network management, and technology evolution in general. He led network strategy in the operators BT and EE in the UK, developing the 5G network strategy for BT, was instrumental in the strategy for EE’s 4G launch in 2012, as well as taking a leading role in the network strategy during the merger of BT and EE, and Orange and T-Mobile to become EE.