Ralf Willenbrock

Product & Portfolio Manager T-Systems International GmbH

After obtaining a diploma in Physics and Mathematics in the early 1990s, Mr. Willenbrock started working in various functions as Project and Product Manager for I.T.S. and Logistics at T-Systems, 100% affiliate of Deutsche Telekom Group. Since 2010, Mr. Willenbrock has been appointed responsible for the membership of Deutsche Telekom Group in I.T.S. Europe (ERTICO), where he was elected in 2018 to join ERTICO’s Supervisory Board.

Besides this, Mr. Willenbrock is in charge as a Business Manager in the H2020 project 5G-Loginnov bringing innovative 5G-related use cases to the port domain, including the hinterland. Mr. Willenbrock holds 25 patents and published numerous scientific papers linked to aspects of traffic, I.T.S., and environmental protection.