Robert Franks

Managing Director WM5G

Robert Franks is Managing Director at WM5G and has overseen the program’s movement from mobilization to delivery, promoting the advantages of 5G and accelerating updates across the region.

Robert has held several senior positions at leading international telecoms firms throughout his career, including O2, T-Mobile, and Orange. While at O2, Robert was Director of Digital and Managing Director of Commerce. He doubled revenue into the hundreds of millions by launching and scaling new businesses in sectors such as Wi-Fi, IoT, messaging, payments, data analytics, advertising, and fintech. He also led the company’s start-up accelerator.

WM5G’s initial focus has been the deployment of the enabling infrastructure required for 5G and undertaking nearly 30 real-world trials in sectors such as health, manufacturing, and transport. The organization is working closely with manufacturers, SMEs, universities, and hospitals across the region, developing new digital applications that will help drive economic growth and make a real and positive difference to the people and businesses of the West Midlands. WM5G aims to use its experience and expertise gained to date, working with citizens, businesses, and organizations.