Zahid Ghadialy

Senior Director, Technology & Innovation Strategy Parallel Wireless

Zahid Ghadialy is the Senior Director of Technology & Innovation Strategy at Parallel Wireless. With over 20 years of experience in the mobile wireless industry, he is a highly regarded telecom visionary. As a subject matter expert and an evangelist for Open Networks, Zahid thinks now is the right time for mobile operators to reimagine their networks.

Additionally, Zahid is an Open RAN thought leader, helping to educate the market on the benefits of Open RAN for the newer 4G/5G networks and the legacy of 2G/3G networks and how they will help operators in the long run. He has been disseminating this knowledge in a vendor-neutral way in many webinars and videos.

Zahid is very active in various industry forums in his spare time, discussing new and upcoming wireless technologies and innovations. His blogs are widely discussed, wherein he looks at different aspects of technologies, including architecture, deployments, devices, infrastructure, connectivity, use cases, applications, etc. 

Interesting fact:

In his YouTube channel, Zahid explains technologies in a simplified manner.